The convenient gound track of pocket wood doors?

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The ground track. The system used by mw ground track and roll. At the base of the railway is one of the advantages of relatively light system, because it does not bear the weight of the door.It can be used in the case of the ceiling will not be able to access and the bearing capacity of the structure is unknown. Wood doors manufacturer

Disadvantage is that it requires a very level floor and tracking can be obstacles.Megawatts of embedded wall, concave tracking, helps to reduce the impact.

The ceiling and floor tracking (multiple slider).Here again we see popular hawa primary tracking from hafele for tracking, but sliding doors for many times you need some means to maintain the line and the bottom of the sliding doors as you might expect, this usually means floor guide track or hold.Floor can guide tripping hazards, collects the pieces, so the low level of selling area is the most suitable for this type of application.

All pockets at the bottom of the door will have at least a layer of door keep in the right direction.I like location is in your pocket, the size of door plank is slightly thick allow it to continue to hide regardless of the location of the door. Wood doors manufacturer

Sliding door rail hardware available many different types of door, not solid wood.Trolley bus interface according to door substrate is slightly different, but the track will be the same.

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